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NYU Program in International Relations

NYU Program in International Relations

I'm a director of the  I'm professor Michael John  International Relations Program at NYU. The benefit of studying at NYU and in New York City is really the diversity and the number of opportunities that we offer here in terms of expertise. This is the largest private research university in the United States. We have faculty from around the World. Who are the leading experts? Rather than being siloed and just political science, they can engage with people from the faculty, from the history faculties, combine it and create the opportunities they want.

And this is mirrored in the City where they can then intern and work in the private sector, the public sector, in the United Nations system. Really whatever you want is possible here at NYU and in the City. New York City the best place to study International Relations because it understands that it's more than just about politics. It's about all the different concentrations that are connected to it. Whether it's business, academia, law, nonprofit work - this is where it all comes together.

I chose the International relations program here at NYU because it's in the heart of New York City. The program is smaller, and it's one of the best universities in the World.  When you're doing your Bachelor sat at NYU, they give you an option to do the Accelerated Master's Program because it allows you in your second year of the Master's. In terms of financial assistance for the Master's program, I'm actually a Thomas R Pickering fellow for the State Department funding.

Still, NYU also has a great program called the Tip Award, so they could give me a scholarship. They will know where if you have an external match that amount. The student experience in the program and international relations at NYU is very much focused on customization. Generally have prerequisites. So we have relatively few requirements, and we are done with our courses. Choose from an array of options.

So that means the students can learn interdisciplinarity in history, politics and in law. They can study their professional aspirations. The program that's best fitted to and really composes a degree If you're looking for a place with small class sizes, with professors who really care, then you should come to NYU. I've had a fantastic experience and was really able to tailor my own education based on our personalized program.

It's a perfect size. It's not too small, it's not too big. We have about 100 - 150 students. It's small enough to build really lasting intimate relationships because these will be their peers when they move into the professional World. The class sizes were so small. that you really had to be engaged, do your work,  and then engage with others. 15 person class, not only do When you have a 10 person, you get to know everyone in your class, but you also get to really understand your professor.

The faculty here are too invested in our research and our success. They are really interested to see where we end up down the line.  They really go above and beyond. When I decided to study in theUS, I was looking for a school that offers not just international experience - that's the American experience, but also why I chose to come to NYU.  You have a diverse student body, so it also shapes the different trajectories they follow after they finish the program; going to state jobs or many students end up security sector.

We have a lot of students who have gone from the nonprofit sector to NGOs. We have many international students who go back to their home countries to become actors in those countries that policymakers and important will shape foreign policy in the future. Worked full time. I'm currently  During the program, I actually in the tech industry, but because of my Master's in International Relations, I'm going to transition to foreign policy after graduation. I'll be moving to Brussels, Belgium, to work at the US Embassy.  I graduated from the program and started at a public relations firm that worked World.

I then transitioned with governments around into the private sector,  where I work in risk management now at JP Morgan. After graduation, I'll return to the US Army, where I'll serve as a foreign area officer focused on Latin America. If you're interested in the international relations program at NYU,  the first stop should be our website, a very comprehensive faculty, former students & alumni. It details the curriculum, the courses on offer profiles of And then I'd also encourage you to reach out to us. We're very engaged and hands-on.

Drop an email to myself or the senior administrator on the team. We'll get back to you and come down to New York and visit us. You're welcome to sit in on classes,  meet with professors and hang out with some current students to determine if the program is right for you. 

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