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The Sydney University of Australia Dentist Student

The Sydney University of Australia Dentist Student

The Sydney University of Australia Dentist Student

I have been wanting to be a dentist for a very long time, even before high school. I always want to work within the health community, especially to help those in the most vulnerable. Oral health in Australia is so misunderstood and troubled. There are also opportunities for both researchers and first-line healthcare providers. My favorite part of this degree is the really early experience. Instead of waiting for your first third year, if you pick up a hand piece in the first two months, you are playing with the hand pieces while doing stimuli. Sim Clinic is My Favorite Part Of This Course. The first 18 months are spent in an enclosing environment where they learn their operational and maintenance skills not only in dental care but also in other fields.

I like to see students grow, to see them come on the first day, not to have a device. By the end of the 18 months I have with them, they have already developed into a competent medical practitioner and then they are straight patients. At the end of our second year, we are already looking for our own patients and making our own treatment plans, and you feel like you're in control, too, and they're giving you a lot more. Give responsibility. A typical day for a DND student is full of action. They are doing hands-on classes on campus, analyzing head and neck anatomy, they can be in wet labs, or they can do some research, developing new knowledge in dental science, new knowledge and techniques. I can help. It was really important to have research components to be part of my degree. Everyone who is an expert in discipline has tons of experience.

The other thing that really drew me to a degree was that it was Australia. Sounds like a great adventure. It is interchangeable in Canada. I can go home, write a Canadian board exam. Just like I went to school in Canada and started practicing after that. I think the funniest part is seeing him in the clinic, dealing with his patients and just seeing that it's all together. I was really shocked to see their data. We leave society to its own devices to succeed. It's a great combination of being able to torque with my hands, basically art with them. Learning about science, living a permanent life, and interacting with the patient but every kind of feeling like you are helping someone and making a difference in their life.

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