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A Day In Hampden Sydney College Information 2021

Hampden Sydney College Information 2021

Hey Guys, Welcome to Hampden - Sydney's Comprehensive Online Virtual Interactive Digital Tour. Wait, yes that's a scratch. Welcome to the Hampden - Sydney Video Tour. Playing music Hey guys, my name is Marshall McKilling. I am currently Associate Dean of Admissions and Digital Media at Hampden-Sydney. I graduated in 2011 and what I'm hoping to do today is take a trip to the Hampden-Sydney campus. Given the current global situation with COVID-19, we here in Hampden-Sydney fully understand that one of the biggest challenges for college admissions students and their families these days is the difficulty of getting to college campuses. Is. I hope that by the end of this video you will have covered all aspects of our campus in which you are interested. So let's get involved. We usually go to the Memorial Gates on our journey. I firmly believe that the Memorial Gates are the best physical representation of our college history. Hampden - Sydney College is the 10th oldest college in the country. Founded by Weaver in 1775. Now, after World War I, we built the Memorial Gates for the honor of fighting and dying in that war. In the 1990s, the College considered it appropriate to reshape the gates for all those who were Goneto Hampden Sydney and fought and died in every American conflict, before the American Revolution had to go first. ۔ So you can see the plaques on the doors, each of which is a battle and the man who served in it. Now let's talk about the place of birth of the college. Birthplace Hampden - Sydney has a really unique aspect. The building was built in the 1950s and was originally an illegal office of Nathaniel Vanilla. Now the birthplace is where the original founders of the college sat around a table and drafted a plan that you can see on the rest of the tour. I don't think they can imagine what a college will become in 240 years, but it's really nice to have this part of our campus here to see. Now we students don't usually go to the place of birth but you have the unique opportunity to see inside this place for the first time. Oh hello If you want to read a little more about the history of Hampden-Sydney, you can just pick up a copy of "This Hill Pee", written by John Brinkley. This is a beautiful light that you can see. Or you can visit our website and read a little more about college history. Now let's talk about aacadmics. We are about to start at Morton Hall. Morton's is arguably the main educational building in Hampden-Sydney. This includes government, foreign affairs, history, economics, English, philosophy. Really a class in which you can sit at a table of 15 or in a room with 25 or 30 chairs that you can stop at Martin.

Hampden - Our average class size in Sydney is about 15 and we have a faculty ratio of about 10: 1. Morton is as classic as he gets. Some rooms still have chalk boards but we have the technology where we need it. That's how economics classrooms have smart boards. I'd like to talk to Burnley Hall. Brinkley Hampden - Our art building in Sydney. It did a 2 million renovation a few years ago and made it a really great place to study the arts. Hampden - Sydney has developed a new program this year called The Compass Program. Compass is our experimental program in which students have to take two experiential learning courses on campus and then an experimental learning course off campus. My favorite book, Compass, for example, is a photography class on photography by Professor Foxstout. He forced his students to work with the local Habitat for Humanity and asked them to take portraits of the people for whom he was building themes. At the end of the semester, the students invited everyone from Berkeley to our gallery on campus to see what they had started. We have some more educational places. Maple is our classic building. It has Greek, Latin, religion. I spent a lot of time there as a religious major. And Glamor Hall. Gilmour is currently building a science building on campus, although its phase is coming to an end soon. Gulmarg also has chemistry, biology, physics, and astronomy, and engineering physics. As you can see, the classrooms are the same size as the ones in Martin and other campus buildings. The main reason is that more laboratory equipment can be found for students.

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