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2020 Student Life Story | your friend Curtis Informative

2020 Student Life Story | your friend curtis

2020 Student Life Story | your friend Curtis

What's up, welcome back to The Awesome Study, I hope you guys are doing amazing things. If you haven't seen my last blog, click here to see how the Rollins experience is evolving as a result of this epidemic. I'm sure you're all excited and maybe a little nervous about coming back to campus this fall. So I've partnered with two of your friends to give you a taste of what our new Rollins Life looks like. I'm here to answer your questions, so by the end of the day, you'll see that you and I, and the entire Rollins community, are ready for whatever 2020 throws at us. I am very excited this year, because I am going to be an RA in Ward Hall. So I'm going to welcome you all back to campus. Remember, we all promise tars. So if you need an immediate refresher click on the link above, we are all responsible for our actions. So make sure keep yourself safe so we will do others safe. One of the most important responsibilities for us this fall is to take care of our own health. So when I'm awake, actually, while I'm still in bed, I'll answer the Campus Claire app question and make sure I'm good to go for my day. If you are not clear, make sure you make an appointment with the welfare center. Now that I want to go well, let's start our day. Ensure mindfulness when using bathrooms. You should wear a mask all the time, unless it is impossible to do so. So let's see what Myersen is doing.

What's going on boy Oh wait, you're not here yet. This is what a typical New Year's room looks like, and with the change in Excel occupancy, you'll have all this furniture. Normal days in the hall are also a bit different, as long as we are masked and physically away we will all join small groups. And don't forget to check with your RA about guest policy for your living hall. My first class is Moon, so let's anchor down, remember the mask up. Hey Syed, where's your mask? - Oh, here, I forgot. - No worries, let's get to class. - cold. - Rollins is building a number of outdoor classrooms from here to CSS, to Bush Lawn, to Lake Virginia. And they are setting up many tents to protect the classes from the sun and rain. - I think I'm really enjoying the outdoor classes around our beautiful campus. Just make sure you have a headset with a microphone that you can use with your laptop or phone. - Both of my classrooms are face to face with some virtual students. - What difference does good observation make? - Professors are taking their classes to calculate these changes and shapes, and they will be able to easily integrate students who are virtual into classrooms without interruption. - Sydney, Curtis, are you paying attention? - Yes, Dr. Park. - Yes, Dr. Park. - We're going to have some food at the campus center and show you some new dining options. - Let's go over there. Rollins never runs out of food here. - And now we have more to say about enjoying it. Furniture will be moved or tapped off throughout campus, including the scaleman, to remind students where it is safe to sit. - Campus Campus is expanding outdoor seating options. As you can see, Cortisand is six feet away. So it's easy to hang out with friends and have a good time.

Many locations, such as Dave Boat House, Coffee Shops, and Cornell Caf, have mobile ordering with select areas and even delivery services. It's like Uber Eatit has a right here on campus. - The good news is, food trucks will be returning to campus and there will be new tours for dining areas around campus, so make sure you check out DiningDrawl.edu and see when your favorite dining places are. There Are open - Residential students Also order groceries from the C-Store For Buy. You can take them to your dormitory or stop them. Thanks! - Blue and Gold April, see what they did there? Ready to cook, you can eat for a whole week. You will place your weekly orders online and the food packets will be delivered to your building or you can pick them up on Sundays. - Pay with your witch swipe, dollar, turbocharger or credit card. If you don't have a kitchen in Your Apartment, don't feel Worry about it. Fully cooked options will also be available for students to pick up. As part of the Wire Promise, we all pledge to wash our hands and use regular hand cleaners. While on campus, you will never be far from a bathroom or a hand sanitizer station.

As with any Rolls-Royce year, there are plenty of ways for everyone on campus to get involved. - There's also a ton of West Stove to make friends on campus, head to Mills Lawn for a movie night. - I'm excited to go there and just play football with my friends. - Even on Mills Lawn, the theater department will do outdoor production work for students only. - it's awesome. I can't wait for Netflix party movie nights with my residents at Ward Hall. - And just a few steps from campus, you can go to Central Park just off Park Avenue, where you can have a picnic with friends, but make sure you stay away. If you're hot on Park Avenue, right in front of campus, taking Virginia Lake, you can go sailing, paddle boarding, canoeing, or just get a tan instead of a dock. - As you can see, there are tons of activities you can do with friends. And we are very excited to welcome you. We will be able to study with our classmates and hang out with friends on campus, while wearing our masks and spreading them as appropriate. - See how chairs were tapped in Kathleen W. Rollins Hall? This year we will all be safe and studying on campus together.

It's a pleasure to talk to you Syed, I'm so excited for this fall. I'll actually go to Klausen, are you coming? - I'm really curious. - Sweetheart, I'll see you there. - Cool, look again! - Did you see all the new tech in front of the room? - Yes, this is an example of technology that is incorporated into classrooms, so professors can fully engage students who attend in person and are practically out of their living rooms or on campus. ۔ - They are thinking of everything to make sure that the classrooms based on our conversations are fully engaged. Rollins are very different this year, but we will still have an adventure and a time of our lives. However, it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to keep our promise. Also, to keep your community healthy, don't forget to check back on the Campus website for all the details about our project. Thanks so much for watching, I'll see you in the next one. Peace, Greeting!

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